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Steve Fisher President and Chief Executive Officer

Sustainability is core to our business. That starts with how we operate within our company and extends to how we partner with our stakeholders across the aluminum value chain. We see tremendous opportunities in continuing to expand the use of lightweight, infinitely recyclable aluminum to meet today’s demanding performance standards while reducing energy use.

Novelis is the leading producer of flat-rolled aluminum products and the world’s largest recycler of aluminum. We work alongside our customers to provide innovative solutions to the beverage can, automotive and high-end specialty markets. Operating an integrated network of technically advanced rolling and recycling facilities across North America, South America, Europe and Asia, Novelis leverages its global manufacturing and recycling footprint to deliver consistent, high-quality, sustainable products around the world.

In fiscal year 2016, Novelis made significant progress toward increasing the use of recycled aluminum and minimizing the use of natural resources. Recycling aluminum produces 95 percent fewer greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and requires 95 percent less energy than primary aluminum production, enabling Novelis to achieve lower GHG emissions despite increasing global production capacity. During the past year, Novelis achieved an average of 53 percent recycled aluminum inputs, an increase of 23 percentage points from the baseline averages of fiscal years 2007–09. Novelis also reduced its GHG emissions by 19 percent for the same baseline years and achieved a 22 percent reduction in water intensity and a 24 percent reduction in energy intensity.

Novelis also recycles more than 60 billion beverage cans each year, turning them back into new beverage cans in roughly 60 days. And as a lead supplier to many of the largest automotive manufacturers, such as Ford and Jaguar Land Rover, we created the first — and largest — closed-loop recycling systems in the world. Closed-loop recycling allows us to take back as much of our customers’ aluminum scrap as possible, turning it back into the same product again. Closing the loop preserves the value of the alloy, reduces recycling and transportation costs, minimizes environmental impact, and establishes a secure supply chain.

Within the company, Novelis set records for safety performance, achieving a three-year low in total recordable incidents as well as improving the number of days away from work rate by more than 25 percent year over year. As part of our worldwide corporate social responsibility campaign, Novelis employees supported 350 community projects at 32 sites in 11 countries. These projects focus on making communities safer; encouraging more science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education; and increasing recycling by consumers. In total, those efforts represent more than $5.5 million in community investments.

As we look toward the future, we are intensely focused on the fundamentals that will drive our business forward, and sustainability aligns directly with this focus.