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Jamie Dimon Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

We leverage our expertise and resources to help our clients navigate sustainability challenges and access financing solutions to capitalize on emerging business opportunities.

Sustainability, encompassing environmental and social issues, has moved decisively into the mainstream of business. As a global financial institution that works with clients in virtually every sector of the global economy, JPMorgan Chase is in a unique position to leverage our expertise and resources to help our clients navigate sustainability challenges and access financing solutions to capitalize on emerging business opportunities, especially those that achieve positive environmental and social impacts.

Our efforts are focused on promoting sustainable business practices and advancing sustainability-focused products and financing solutions. In 2015, we underwrote more than $4 billion in green, social and sustainability-themed bonds and continued our service on the Green Bond Principles Executive Committee. We provide advisory services, capital raising and lending for companies investing in renewable energy and other advanced technologies. Additionally, we are one of the largest providers of capital for wind, solar and geothermal projects, having committed and arranged more than $2 billion for renewable energy projects in the United States in 2015.

Just as we help our clients achieve their sustainability goals, we strive to manage our own global real estate and operations in an efficient and sustainable manner. In 2016, we announced plans to install energy-efficient LED lighting across most of our Chase retail branches in the United States. This effort, undertaken in partnership with Current, a GE subsidiary, is the world’s largest single-order LED installation to date and is expected to reduce our branches’ lighting-related energy use by more than 50 percent. We have much more exciting work planned.

We recognize that our efforts alone will not be enough to address these complex issues — and that by collaborating with communities, nonprofits and other stakeholders we can achieve greater impact. One of our most significant philanthropic partnerships is with The Nature Conservancy through our founding sponsorship of NatureVest, an initiative that is developing transactions that harness the power of markets to advance conservation. In 2016, we renewed our sponsorship of NatureVest and continue to serve as a strategic advisor to its work with broad engagement across our business. We are also deepening our engagement with cities because we recognize that they are the economic engines of the economy. Building on our $100 million commitment to support and accelerate Detroit’s recovery, we are taking a strategic approach to help advance economic growth and opportunity in urban communities globally. Over the next five years, we will deploy $1 billion in philanthropic capital toward programs that support community development, small business growth, workforce readiness and financial health.

As sustainability priorities increase in importance, effective management and transparency are critical to help inform financial markets and stakeholders. To that end, in 2016, we served as a member of the Financial Stability Board’s Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures, which developed recommendations to guide effective voluntary disclosure of climate-related financial risks and opportunities. In addition, JPMorgan Chase publishes an annual Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Report, which highlights our performance on key ESG issues that we view as among the most important to our business and our stakeholders.

We are deeply proud of the way that JPMorgan Chase has served our customers, communities and shareholders for more than 200 years. We look forward to our work ahead in 2017.