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William M. Brown Chairman, President and CEO

Our vision is to eliminate injuries, reduce impacts to the environment and promote a culture of sustainability through our “Accept Only Zero” philosophy. We will achieve this with every employee fully engaged and responsible for continuous improvement in all aspects of the environment, health and safety within Harris.

Harris solutions touch millions of lives in aviation, space, weather, defense, and public safety. We support the FAA network in managing about 100,000 flights daily; provide radios that keep warfighters and public safety officers securely connected; and create space antennas that deliver data faster and more accurately.

As a 121-year-old technology innovator, Harris’ success is built on our values — customers, innovation, excellence, results, inclusion, and integrity. These values foster sustainable practices.

Customers & Innovation

Harris employees worked side-by-side with air traffic controllers to develop the FAA Telecommunications Infrastructure system, a unique public-private partnership that increased bandwidth in the nation’s air traffic management system by 500 percent, while driving down the agency’s telecommunications costs by 50 percent and virtually eliminating related air traffic delays. Our work on the FAA’s NextGen programs will help curb airline fuel consumption by 2.8 billion gallons by 2030 — the equivalent of taking 3.3 million cars off the road each year.

For warfighters, we introduced software defined radios that enable rapid feature and functionality upgrades versus requiring hardware replacements. Our technically superior radios are 25 percent lighter and smaller than traditional models — lightening the load on warfighters and the environment.

Our GreenLITE system enables customers to track and measure greenhouse gases. Our high resolution sensors and ground processing systems enable NOAA to track weather and climate data five times faster with four times the resolution than prior generation systems.

Excellence & Results

The Harris Business Excellence (HBX) program drives continuous improvement, a high-performance culture and the elimination of workplace injuries and wasteful practices. Leveraging HBX principles, we reduced energy usage by 15 percent since 2014.

Under HBX, we implemented an “Accept Only Zero” philosophy to champion a culture that has successfully reduced injury rates by 30 percent since 2014 — as we continue to strive towards zero injuries.

Inclusion & Integrity

We actively foster inclusion and integrity through training, mentoring, community involvement, and multiple employee resource groups. Last year, Harris and our employees donated millions of dollars and volunteered over 40,000 hours to support local communities. We partner with the Indian River Lagoon National Estuary Program to improve the health of the waterway — one of the most biologically diverse ecosystems in the northern hemisphere.

Harris values drive sustainable practices, help fulfill our obligations to shareholders and deliver mission critical solutions for customers.