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Dinesh C. Paliwal Chairman, President and CEO

The value and adoption of technology will depend squarely on the experiences it can deliver.

As a connected technologies company, HARMAN focuses on innovations and solutions that elevate the connected life to create seamless, heightened and immersive experiences. With the majority of our business in automotive, we see the potential of technology to make our roads safer and more secure and our time on them more meaningful. Dramatic advancements in everything from telematics and software development to cloud computing and artificial intelligence are ushering in a new age of customization, connectivity and intelligence that is incredibly empowering.

What really excites us is not the technology; it’s what the technology can do for people and society. As we move closer to driverless cars and shared mobility, we also recognize that the value and adoption of technology will depend squarely on the experiences it can deliver. We apply this passion to everything we do, beginning with our people and extending to our partners, customers and communities.

With a nod to HARMAN’s audio heritage, in 2016, HARMAN published our biennial Sustainability Report, Actions Speak Louder. This report highlights the individual contributions across HARMAN that, together, are helping to improve the economic, environmental and social impacts of our business.

Our People

United by our values and stronger through our diversity, HARMAN employees innovate with intention and execute with integrity. Sustainable success begins with our people — investing in their development, rewarding excellence, and providing the platform and tools that strengthen teams to promote shared success. I am especially proud that many of our locations have earned best place to work awards, including Germany, where we recently earned this accolade for the fifth straight year.

Our Operations

We rely on a strong, dependable and efficient network of internal and external partners to deliver smart products, systems, software and services for our stakeholders without compromising our high ethical standards or the high quality of our products that our customers expect. Thanks to the dedication of each and every link in this intricate chain, HARMAN has been named a top supplier by many of our customers, including Subaru, General Motors and Huawei.

Our Innovations

Every day, our 12,600 engineers around the world are hard at work developing technologies that enhance experiences sustainably. Our Plus X award-winning HALOsonic suite of sound solutions improves the safety of electric vehicles for both drivers and pedestrians, and we are especially proud of our professional audio solutions that reduce energy consumption, heat production and overall environmental footprint.

Our Communities

As HARMAN grows, we add high-skilled jobs within our ranks and help to prepare the next generation for success, particularly in technology-driven fields. Introduced in 2015, our global cause initiative HARMAN Inspired has positively affected more than 50 communities and engaged nearly 40 percent of our workforce.

Sustainable success requires strong organizational connectivity that considers the entire internal and external ecosystem. It also demands constant investment, reinforcement and evaluation. HARMAN has built an inclusive and collaborative culture that stimulates mutual respect, heightens creativity and increases productivity. We work hard to maintain this environment with the understanding that actions — not intentions — drive progress and prosperity.