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Daniel J. McCarthy President and Chief Executive Officer

As digital communication becomes the new normal, Frontier Communications is committed to ensuring our customers can connect and collaborate to improve the lives of their families and their communities.

Frontier Communications Corporation is among the nation’s largest communications providers, serving urban, suburban and rural communities in 29 states. Our core product is broadband, through which we offer video, advanced voice and Frontier Secure® digital protection solutions to residential, business and commercial customers.

Connecting Communities for a Sustainable Future

Frontier’s continued expansion of more, better, faster broadband throughout our service area, including hard-to-reach rural communities, embodies the theme “create, grow, sustain.” Broadband stimulates economic growth, spurs job creation, and provides access to better education and improved health care. By investing in broadband deployment to previously unserved and underserved communities — particularly in rural areas — Frontier is enabling smart, sustainable development for these communities.

Constant connectivity will be the expectation as a digital generation comes of age. Frontier’s infrastructure will be part of a greater social network that will wield enormous economic, cultural and political influence. As digital communication becomes the new normal, our company is committed to ensuring our customers can connect and collaborate to improve the lives of their families and their communities.

Contributing to a Sustainable Ecosystem

Every day, Frontier employees seek ways to be eco-efficient. Using resources wisely and reducing our use of energy for our facilities, equipment and vehicle fleet is embedded in our business model and our worklife. For example, Frontier’s service calls to customers start with a fleet of 15,000 vehicles equipped to make repairs and keep connections alive. In California, Connecticut, Florida and Texas, Frontier’s fleet includes several hundred vehicles that run on compressed natural gas (CNG). CNG emits up to 90 percent fewer emissions and costs about 50 percent less than gasoline. Less pollution and decreased maintenance costs are good for the environment and the company’s bottom line.

Frontier is also planning a trial to collect and process used vehicle oil for reuse as “re-refined” oil. Instead of going to waste sites, the oil’s impurities are removed, leaving the oil ready to be reused in the marketplace. This process could eliminate the disposal of thousands of gallons of fuel oil a year and would represent a significant step forward toward a cleaner fleet.

Frontier will continue to seek smart, environmentally responsible solutions to make our facilities, equipment and fleet cleaner and reduce costs.