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Ashok Vemuri Chief Executive Officer

As a new company starting in 2017, we recognize the importance of Conduent being a responsible and contributing corporate citizen in the communities in which we operate. We’re committed to a culture that values diversity, inclusion, community involvement and sustainable business practices. Conduent is an important employer in many countries, and we look forward to building systems and processes creating maximum opportunities for contributing to the places where we operate and society at large.

Conduent began as a new company in January 2017 but inherited a legacy and culture of corporate social responsibility on which we plan to build. Already, we are a leader in our industry and a partner to government and commercial customers around the world. While we are less than a year old, and plans are still in development, we’ve immediately challenged ourselves to become a leader in corporate social responsibility.

From day one, we are building a culture that reinforces vital prerequisites for leadership in this area. These include diversity, inclusion, community involvement and sustainable business practices. We also recognize the difference our employees can make by giving of their time and energy within their communities.

Our business practices reflect these same values — starting with an unwavering commitment to ethical business practices across all stakeholders and a mindset that everything we do is in service of others. We strive to develop and deliver our services in ways that improve the health and well-being of our planet, as well as the lives of the millions we touch every day.

Below are a few examples of our approaches so far, with more to come as we further organize as a new company.

Our business practices:

Conduent employs close to 6,000 remote workers in its Virtual Office program in the United States, which represents more than 13 percent of our domestic workforce. Working remotely helps to reduce our carbon footprint, ease traffic congestion and provide better work/life balance for our employees.

Our community involvement:

Many employees in Conduent’s Government Healthcare business were directly affected by the devastating floods of August 2016 in Louisiana. Colleagues from across the United States came together to provide assistance. Close to $8,000 in gift cards were donated and distributed to affected employees in Louisiana.

Our sustainable services:

Conduent’s Transportation solutions enhance urban mobility, improve traffic flow and decrease the time that people spend searching for parking spaces. These solutions help drivers reduce fuel usage and improve air quality. Conduent offers trip planning apps that allow commuters to plan their transit journey from door to door using buses, subways and car sharing. The cities of Los Angeles and Denver offer the Go LA and Go Denver apps, which include an “eco-friendly” option of routes that include some amount of walking.

I look forward to sharing more updates on our activities and progress as we aspire to join the ranks of leading corporations in the area of corporate social responsibility.