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Scott Farmer CEO

Cintas was founded on the most basic principles of environmental stewardship. And today, many of the products and services we provide to businesses are green solutions that help our customers minimize their environmental footprint. With only one planet, our passion and commitment to sustainable innovation has no end in sight.

More than 900,000 businesses rely on products and services from Cintas Corporation to get Ready for the WorkdayTM. By developing new sustainable products, enhancing our current offerings and improving the way we run our operations, we are striving to minimize our environmental impact.

Uniforms are a large part of our business, so we’ve developed sustainable apparel offerings. Today, Cintas provides 70 styles of uniforms made with recycled polyester. The Regeneration Collection is made from textiles created with plastic bottles. This process uses less energy and results in less soil contamination and air and water pollution than the production of virgin fibers. When customers purchase this eco-apparel, they are helping to divert landfill waste and provide their employees with stylish and comfortable garments. Our Phoenix Floor Mats, also made with postconsumer plastic bottles, provide more green Cintas solutions for our customers.

With more than 400 locations across the United States and Canada, we are working to reduce the footprint of our facilities. We were the first industrial launderer in our industry to employ washing standards that are 100 percent NPE free, phosphate free and EDTA free at all of our uniform laundry facilities. These facilities use advanced moisture measurement methods to dry garments more quickly, saving significant amounts of fossil fuel and eliminating related greenhouse gas emissions. Our laundry facilities also treat wastewater before discharging it to eliminate pollutants and assist in recycling of water.

Partnerships with knowledgeable organizations, such as the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), help us take a strategic approach to energy management. The EPA’s ENERGY STAR® program is the most successful voluntary energy efficiency program in history. Cintas is working toward lower utility bills and more energy-efficient products and services at our locations. For example, lighting consumes roughly 15 percent of electricity usage at our facilities, so we are in the process of converting to energy-efficient lighting at most of our sites.

At Cintas, we are focused on growing our business but doing so responsibly. No matter how many customers we service, we will always be dedicated to offering sustainable products and services and limiting the environmental impact of our own operations.