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Alan B. Colberg President and Chief Executive Officer

At Assurant, as a leader in risk management solutions, we are there for our customers when they need us. We uphold a similar passion and commitment to be there for the communities we serve.

Our dedication is driven by the core values we live by: Common Sense, Common Decency, Uncommon Thinking and Uncommon Results. Serving as a responsible corporate citizen just makes sense for our business and helps contribute to the success we enjoy.

Our commitment manifests itself in multiple ways. We adhere to unwavering guidelines to ensure ethics and integrity are guideposts across Assurant. We strive to be a responsible and progressive employer. We value diversity and promote inclusion.

And we’re especially proud of our efforts in two more areas: operating our business with a meaningful environmental commitment and working directly with more than 14,500 employees and trusted partners to lift up the communities where we serve.

Protecting the Environment

We believe in the maxim that a healthy environment for the Earth is a healthy environment for our company. We work to conserve natural resources, promote recycling and adopt strategies to reduce waste. At Assurant, we protect tens of millions of mobile devices. Our facilities process more than 8 million devices annually under rigorous environmental protocols, repairing or reselling the majority of them and recycling another 300,000.

In 2016, our recycling efforts in the United States diverted more than 550 tons of waste material from going into landfills. Our paper suppliers are required to commit to responsible forestry. We promote ride-sharing; at our Miami campus alone, vanpools eliminate a million miles of driving annually and keep 400 tons of carbon dioxide out of the air.

At Assurant, we work to find ways we can conserve energy, and improve energy efficiency, throughout our operations. And we strive to cut energy use at our facilities. As 2017 begins, nine of our 15 primary U.S. office facilities have earned ENERGY STAR® certification in 2016–17, with four more applications pending.

Lifting Up Communities

Our community service philosophy is summed up in two simple words: Assurant Cares.

We focus our philanthropic resources and community engagement in the cities and towns where we operate worldwide, chiefly in three focus areas: housing, financial understanding and community support.

In 2016, our Assurant Foundation programs, matching gifts and grants provided more than $3.5 million to core charitable partners to build affordable housing, teach financial skills to young people, support military families and feed the hungry — among other priorities.

Our employees have worked more than 30,000 volunteer hours for Habitat for Humanity during the past 15 years, constructing more than 30 Assurant-built homes and assisting with many more. In metro Atlanta, more than 30,000 students last year visited our “insurance stores” at two Junior Achievement Discovery Centers, learning about risk management, family budgeting and career skills.

Assurant regularly works with the American Red Cross to help families affected by natural disasters, walked for cancer and leukemia research, and funded housing assistance for disabled veterans. We also put our resources where our employees’ passions are, with eight hours a year in paid volunteer time off for every employee and matching employee gifts to nonprofits up to $1,000 per year. And we’re investing in a new online, global community-service platform to make volunteering and matching contributions easier than ever for our people.

It’s rewarding for our employees to work for a company that tries to protect the environment, help the community and do the right things. But it’s rewarding for our company too, as we contribute, in our small way, to a better world. We’re proud to stand with the companies of the Business Roundtable in this commitment. And we pledge to keep working, keep improving and keep caring.