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Lee Styslinger III Chairman and CEO

It is exciting to look back over the past decade and recognize the progress produced by BRT member companies in helping solve environmental challenges. Looking forward, we are equally excited about the opportunities presented to all of us to make positive environmental and social contributions that will benefit both society and business.

At Altec, we are committed to sustainable solutions and social responsibility. It is a commitment reflected in a set of core values focused on our customers and associates. The business decisions that we make are based on meeting the needs of the present, without compromising the requirements of the future. Working with our customers and suppliers, we continuously aspire to responsibly care for our shared environment.

To help meet our commitment to social responsibility, Altec has a long-standing and established environmental policy focused on achieving a world-class reputation for energy management. The initiative has become the cornerstone of our sustainability efforts as we pursue a high-performance portfolio that uses energy in the most efficient, cost-effective and environmentally responsible manner possible. Besides maximizing sustainability, the creation of an associate-focused environmental policy helps to strengthen our competitive position and provides our customers with the highest quality products and services. Altec’s environmental policy touches all aspects of our business — from the products that we build to the facilities where we build them.

To help achieve our sustainability policy objectives, Altec created a series of near-term goals:

Metering: Electronic energy metering systems at our facilities allow us to track consumption, determine energy conservation opportunities and accurately assess energy savings.

Specific Energy Reduction Targets: Altec facilities develop precise metrics for meeting energy objectives by establishing reduction, programmatic and behavioral goals and timelines.

Incentive-Based Systems: Energy usage tracking programs allow corporate management to analyze utility consumption and serve to incentivize energy conservation and efficiency programs.

Education and Awareness: Altec has a coordinated strategy to educate associates on plant and facility energy usage including communication centers to keep workers informed on energy reduction progress. In addition, associates are encouraged to take personal responsibility for their energy usage.

Computer and Information Technology Equipment: Network server equipment, office equipment, copy machines, computers, printers and monitors are turned off when not in use for extended periods and at the end of the workday.

Other important sustainability initiatives that we’ve implemented include the relamping of 92 percent of our facilities with LED lighting, installation of recycle wash bays helping to significantly reduce wastewater discharge and the installation of solar energy systems at our largest plants.

Altec’s sustainable solutions also remain focused on the products that we engineer and produce. We are continuing to make significant strides in the field of energy-efficient truck-mounted utility equipment. This technology includes the usage of lightweight materials like aluminum and fiberglass, alternative fuel systems, and the Altec Jobsite Energy Management System (JEMS). This innovative system uses stored electrical energy to power truck-mounted aerial devices, hydraulic tools and exportable power sources. Altec JEMS products increase operator efficiency, decrease fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, and help lower noise pollution