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Ajita G. Rajendra Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

A. O. Smith remains focused on innovation not only with its products but also with its processes.

A. O. Smith remains focused on innovation not only with its products but also with its processes. Our employees are always finding the best and most efficient ways to improve our products for the next generation of consumers. We have a wide-selection of Energy Star®-rated water heaters and high-efficiency products that are environmentally friendly.

Many of A. O. Smith’s facilities worldwide also work on reducing energy consumption and water waste and take pride and ownership in helping the environment:

  • Ashland City, TN - The plant implemented an enhanced parts washing process that reduced water usage 36 percent, for annual savings of more than 21 million gallons of water.

  • Bangalore, India - In 2016, the team identified numerous opportunities to reduce propane and electricity consumption in the plant, reducing its carbon footprint. The team worked on optimizing the air conditioning and compressors in the plant, which helped reduce propane consumption by more than 9 percent. It also improved the street lighting around the plant and installed sensors to turn lights on and off in both the offices and the plant, which reduced electricity consumption by more than 13 percent.

  • Johnson City, TN – In 2011 the plant earned Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Silver certification, a noteworthy accomplishment for an existing facility. Johnson City is also an Energy Star®-certified plant.

  • Nanjing, China - The facility modified its pre-treatment processes to find an alternative to phosphorus pre-treating, which not only reduced chemical discharges, but also improved the corrosion resistance of our water heater tanks.

  • Renton, WA - The team received a Gold Award for perfect compliance with waste regulations set by King County’s Industrial Waste Program in 2014 and 2015. The team also worked to improve its environmental safety standards. In 2012, the team upgraded one of its furnaces by adding insulation, which significantly improved gas, electricity and power conservation, largely reducing utility costs. Additionally, the team added new equipment and a new test station to ensure water waste is thoroughly monitored.

Since 2010, A. O. Smith has been awarding the Chairman’s Green Star Award to the plant that achieves the greatest year-over-year reductions in natural gas and water consumption, and electricity usage. Each plant worldwide is measured on its improvement over the prior year; one plant receives the award annually.

A. O. Smith will continue to look at ways to improve our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint globally.